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It was float after float of girls dressed of turkey's dancing, several floats showing naked girls in mock roasting positions and then came the last float with good old saint nick in his yuletide red suit with white trim sitting in a large red chair waving to the crowed, next to him on the float was a blazing fire with a spit roasting young girl over the fire, she was already beautifully golden brown, indicating she had been roasting for some time already it was clear that she was already dead from the impalement of the spit and the heat of the fire Bang Pov – [Casting. Johnson you have failed to pay your roasting tax for the last meat-girl you spit roasted on this property, you know you can not roast another meat-girl until the taxes on the last have been paid, and I also see here that your fire pit and spit are not up to A
no cusinho da vivi Pimenta (5 min) 1

no cusinho da vivi Pimenta (5 min)

“Are we going to screw again, Mr, ”
“Why don't we change positions, honey?” I offered….

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no cusinho da vivi Pimenta (5 min)

Finally I snapped back to reality, Click here.

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