Dirty Discounts – In the Toy Shop Step Sister Mystic Monroe And Doll is Slapping Ass Intoxicating


Lady Boss gives subordinate a harsh handjob

I guess we were both too caught up in what we were doing with each other to hear UNCUT college girl Gets. “Truth is”, Val continued with a bit of a snicker, “I wish it had been ME
Dirty Discounts - In the Toy Shop Step Sister Mystic Monroe And Doll is Slapping Ass Intoxicating 1

Dirty Discounts – In the Toy Shop Step Sister Mystic Monroe And Doll is Slapping Ass Intoxicating

I kneeled down next to the bed holding my father’s right hand while my younger sister Jenny who was 17 held his left hand both of you listen to me he said as we looked up to him I know I didn’t grant you as much freedom you deserved but it was for your own safety and I’m sorry about that he said with tears in his eyes it’s okay father you raised us well we both said when he turned to me my son when I die you will be the next  king you must act wisely but honest go out into the people and learn how they live and try to make it a better way of living he says to me as I nodded

Then he turned to my sister Jenny my beautiful daughter you will be Mike ‘s support you also must be honest when he does something wrong say it to him and help him lead this Kingdom you must go and keep good relationships between all the kingdoms even the kingdom in the north  he says to her as she also nodded

We both sat there holding his hands for 3 hours till he passed away in peace

I now knew I was getting crowned in a few days and will always honour my dad’s latest wishes , When  I was clean she got back laying on her back waiting for her next command thank you Melissa I said as she giggled

I moved over to laurien looking down at her body don’t worry you are a virgin your first time must be special so I will take it easy I said to her ensure her safety as she nodded but soon said it’s okay my liege do what you desire with me she said with a ensuring look on her face okay if you say so I say smiling

I lay my hands on her hips and slowly start to push in her feeling her tightness around me she starts to moan loudly ooh god that’s big ooh no keep going she moans out so I decided to keep pushing inch by inch till I hit her cherry I stopped and looked up to her are you ready Laurien?  I asked her smiling yes sire she said so I went for it I pushed in breaking her cherry softly ooh fuck yes that feels amazing thank you she said after a few seconds of screaming I sank deep inside her and rested in her letting her walls get used to my cock

do you like it Laurien I asked her smiling as I looked in her eyes I could see her lust for the new feeling I just gave her ooh yes sire thank you I love it I’m addicted to it I will do anything you want if you give me this feeling ever day she sighed out as she looked at me begging for more with her eyes so I gave it to her I started to pound her as hard as I can slamming in and out of her like a mad man ooh fuck that’s a tight pussy it will serve me well I moaned out yes use me sire use me like the naughty girl I am fuck my brains out ! she moaned out loud

As I kept slamming away in her I looked over to Melissa rubbing her pussy as fast as possible Melissa get on your knees I’m gonna cum soon and both of you are gonna taste it I moan out as she immediately obeys and gets on her knees at the side of the bed ready for my load you to Laurien on your knees I say as I pull out and also she obeys fast getting on her knees next to Melissa looking up to me with eyes filled with pure lust

I got out of bed standing infront of them looking down at them now with messy hair and wet pussy’s from the fucking I gave them both of you suck me off so I can come over your faces I said and they went for it addicted to me they both switched sucking and licking my cock and balls I moaned as they both pleasured me with their soft mouths ooh yeah that’s it good girls I moaned out so loud even jenny could probably hear it in her room

Soon I felt my balls starting to twitch so I pulled away and pointed my cock at their faces alright here it comes I said as they both held their faces together to catch as much as possible their mouth as far open as they can ooh fuck yeah I moaned as I came spraying my seed on them landing on their faces, hair a lot of it landed on lauriens tits as I covered them with cum I looked down at them smiling alright swap my seed between your mouths and lick each other clean I said as I sat down on the bed as they started kissing trading my cum between each other Melissa licking Lauriens tits clean and lauriens licked Melissa clean it was the hottest thing I had ever seen two sexy 18  year old girls kissing with my cum on them swapping between their mouths

I sat there for a good 8 minutes looking at them kissing each other when I decided it was enough for today okay girls open your mouths show me the cum and swallow I said as They turned to me opening their mouths revealing they both have a pool of cum in their mouths , I nodded and they swallowed at the same time thank you sir they both said up to me smiling liking the taste of my cum as I go lay on my back on the bed come lay next to me girls we shall sleep together I said and soon I had them under my arms both crawling up to me as I hold them tight they soon fell asleep tired of the pounding I had provided

I lay in bed looking up to the roof of my chamber with two beautiful girls in my arms u was thinking what I should do I have roads to be rebuild , buildings that need extra support , grow more food for my Kingdom and I had to find my queen Laurien and Melissa are good sexy girls that will do everything I say and I will enjoy them for a long time but I needed a queen a strong women that knows how to assist me in rebuilding the cities in the kingdom but also a girl that knows how to pleasure her king https://xvideos68.cc/chinese-femdom-lpar-korean-rp….

Dirty Discounts - In the Toy Shop Step Sister Mystic Monroe And Doll is Slapping Ass Intoxicating 2

Dirty Discounts – In the Toy Shop Step Sister Mystic Monroe And Doll is Slapping Ass Intoxicating

” The waiter looked from my face to hers and started to blush, xvideos68.cc.   My eyes rolled to the back of my head when she pressed down on my g-spot with her finger, while licking up my honey

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